What it means to be a member.

associazione nazionale videografi

ANV is an association with cultural purposes and not for profit. It aims to divulge the figure of the Videographer be it professional or artist in all its aspects. The activities will also be carried out through the organization of events, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, debates and intercultural projects or cultural exchanges with other associations in some way related. The association's aims are targeted both at professionals, with dedicated to various sectors of videography is to those who decided to approach our art. There are several means that the Videographer today uses casually to transmute and shaping the images in digital form and the fascination of many exercises that our art does not leave room for improvisation, the very concept of videography does not admit mistakes. The sensitivity and the personal vision of our universe leads us to "write" and videografare an immensity of images that in many ways can not be regulated or caged within the rules, even if the same rules are used to guide us on our path of interpretation of reality or of our thoughts. For this reason a Videographer must be qualified you feel part of a whole class, this is certainly a good passport to be assertive and to meet the needs of those who are on the other side of the camera.

To address this it is now a real need and to promote the figure of the Videographer across the board in 2012 was founded the National Association videographers.