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Skyline Videographer was born in 2012 and embraces a wider branch of video production in Italy. From corporate video to the TV commercial, from documentary to wedding film. The wedding video remains the strong point of video production. Shooting and video editing are handled personally by Riccardo and Jacopo. They use cinematic techniques to give the look of a movie. They were among the first to use this techniques of wedding filming in northern Italy. In their observations of the guests and the bride and groom, they are able to draw inspiration from the best moments to give a different “feel” to each wedding video. In fact each wedding video is different from one another. They capture the emotions and the feel but at the same time are "invisible" to not break those precious moments of pure spontaneity. They work all over Italy and the world.

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Riccardo Ferranti

Wedding documentarist - Italian Wedding videographer

Riccardo was born in Sicily and then moved to northern Italy which allows him to now work all over the country and internationally. It all started with the purchase of his first video camera in an electronics store when he was an adolescence. This “hobby” soon became his passion and his profession. After years of experience in general video production, he devoted himself almost entirely to the wedding video industry becoming a globally recognized wedding videographer. Riccardo recently placed second place at the wedding movie awards held in Spain and first place for the best wedding short film at ANV creative wedding contest. Training and constant updating in methods and technology have always been a priority to ensure a good end result. Riccardo is part of the ANV (National Association Videographers) and his videos were among the "Best off" in Italy. Recently a collaboration with Jacopo Torazzina has brought new projects and new ideas.

Workplace: Lake Como, Lake Garda, Venice, Italy, World.

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Jacopo Torazzina videografo filmaker

Jacopo Torazzina

Wedding Filmaker - Wedding videographer

Jacopo, filmmakers in Franciacorta, was born in 1987 in Brescia, where he obtained a diploma in quantity surveyor. He then continued his studies at the school of engineering. His passion for photography and sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding have led him to realize the first video projects in this area. The impression that Jacopo gives his accomplishments, is strongly influenced by a cinematic style that is due to his strong passion for cinema and in continuing education courses within the industry. The experience he has gained has allowed him the opportunity to collaborate on video productions for national television broadcasters. In 2013 he approached the world of wedding movies, allowing him to combine his technical skills to its strong artistic sensibility. His philosophy is to document events with absolute discretion without interrupting the spontaneity and naturalness of emotions.

Workplace: Lake Como, Lake Garda, Venice, Italy, World.

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